AMA Chapter 1632

During the COVID-19 State Quarantine the Park is Open and the Comfort Stations are Open!

       The Field is Now OPEN for Daily FLYING at this Time!             

There will be only 2 People Allowed at Each Flight Table, and Only One Individual at a Time at any of the Five Flight Stations While Flying. We Must Follow and Exercise the State Mandated Social Distancing Guidelines,  While Visiting and Using the Field Masks are Required in the Park.

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Hi folks! I decide to sale some of my MICRO and MINI planes.
A.64mm EDFs.
1.F-105 ,2.MiG-17,3. F-8,4. F-18.

B. UMX 1. MiG-17, 2.A-10, 3 P-51

C. T-28D 1450mm.

D. 80mm MiG-21
All 64mm EDFs are $125.99 each
All UMXs are $75.99 each
T- 28D 1450mm are - $140.99
MiG - 21 80mm EDF are $ 175.99

Contact Aleksey Lomov:  Lonely0911@Gmail.com

For Sale: Commander MPB 1.4m BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Select

Easy flier and Aerobatic
Key Features:
• Spektrum™ AS3X® receiver with optional SAFE® Select technology
• Wide flight envelope for everything from slow flight to aerobatics
• Factory-installed flaps for shorter takeoffs and landings
• Innovative Hands-Free Servo Connection System
• Powerful 15-size brushless motor with 45A ESC
• Vibrant trim scheme by Aircraft Design Studio
• Durable aluminum landing gear with wheel pants
• Servos replaced with metal gear servos
• Upgraded Landing Gear to prevent nose down on taxi (Original Gear Provided)
• 3s 3300 mAh LIPO included
• Some spare parts provided
$80 or best offerContact: Gary Busler gary.bus@comcast.net or 215-803-0133

Freewing Rebel V2 70mm EDF Jet - PNP

Version 2 Key Features:
• 2849-2850KV motor with factory balanced 12-blade 70mm electronic ducted fan (EDF)
• 60A Hobbywing ESC with XT60 connector
• Electronic, retractable landing gear for added realism, improved ground handling, and increased speed
• Full flaps for shorter takeoffs and slower, more controlled landings
• Durable EPO foam resists damage and is easy to repair
• Nylon hinges on the ailerons foam on the other control surfaces
• CNC Drag Strut Landing Gear (Original Wire Gear Provided)
• New Strengthened Fuselage
Runs on 4s LIPO, Clocked on GPS @ 86Mph

$110 or best offerContact: Gary Busler gary.bus@comcast.net or 215-803-0133

Members Planes and Stuff for Sale!

The items listed below are planes and R/C related items that are being offered for sale from members of our Club.

If there is an Item you would like listed please send an e-mail to  Membersneprcc@aol.com please Include any detailed information about the item your selling, a description, and price, along with a jpg picture if you can and your Contact info with e-mail address for correspondence. 

When we receive your e-mail it will update to the list below and send you a confirmation e-mail. 

We will need to receive an e-mail confirming that it sold so that I can remove from list. I will try and keep the list updated as soon as possible and we can not be responsible for reply's on items that you list to your e-mail.

This is a service that as Secretary and Web administrator I provide pro bono.                                        SCROLL